CoolPiece Offers Free Wigs for Children Undergoing Chemotherapy

by Staff Writer

In a recent press release, top online hairpiece retailer shared its offer to provide free custom made wigs to children undergoing chemotherapy.

CoolPiece has been providing wigs to children for the past couple of years, making free wigs available to all children in the USA and Canada who are experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.

CoolPiece’s offer reads:

Children in Chemotherapy! We will make a FREE CoolPiece wig to your specifications. Contact us for details. (USA and Canada only).

CoolPiece owner, Jeffrey the Barak explains that “there have been remarkably few who have even expressed any interest, let alone taken CoolPiece up on this offer.”
Families struggling with an illness and a child who is being treated with chemotherapy often end up with low quality wigs and hairpieces, or nothing at all simply because they lack the time or energy needed to shop for high quality children’s hairpieces. Many families simply can not afford to purchase a natural looking hairpiece for their child. CoolPiece provides customized, high quality wigs to these families at no charge and makes it easy for them to order these custom hair pieces online.

Jeffrey explained that about twenty years ago, he was a volunteer working with children who had potentially terminal conditions. However, the experience was devastating and Jeffrey found that he was “not the kind of person who has the strength to be so directly involved.

By providing wigs to children who are facing terminal illness, Jeffrey has found a way to help that he is more comfortable with. He explains that “somewhere out there is a child who is upset about their hair falling out and for them, having their hair back might be the one little thing that makes it all a bit easier to handle.”

Visit for more information about this generous offer to children undergoing chemotherapy and to learn more about purchasing high quality custom men and women’s hairpieces at a fraction of the price of conventional hairpiece retailers.

CoolPiece is one of a handful of online and conventional hairpiece retailers recommended by The American Hair Loss Association.

Look for the American Hair Loss Association certification seal before purchasing any product or service to treat your hair loss.

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