Genetic Test for Women’s Hair Loss

by Staff Writer

On April 23, 2008, HairDX, LLC issued a press release announcing the launch of commercial testing for female hair loss. Their breakthrough test uses genetic markers associated with Female Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) to determine the chances of whether a woman is likely to suffer with future hair loss.

According to HairDX, AGA (female baldness) “has been difficult to diagnose because women don’t develop a pattern like men do, they tend to thin diffusely, and there are many causes for thinning.”

By age 50, approximately 50% of women will experience thinning that can lead to hair loss and baldness. JAAPA, a peer-reviewed clinical journal for the American Academy of Physician Assistants states that this estimate is conservative at best. According to The American Hair Loss Association, Androgenetic Alopecia in women is a neglected epidemic that is nearly as common as male pattern hair loss.

The HairDX test is simple and painless. It involves swabbing the inside of the mouth, then sending the swab to the HairDX lab. Results are confidential, anonymous, and sent via a secure web site.

Each woman who participates in testing will be provided with results in the form of a score. Higher scores indicate a lower chance for succumbing to significant hair loss due to heredity. A lower score indicates greater likelihood for future hair loss.

According to Spencer Kobren, Founder of The American Hair Loss Association,
early diagnosis is one of the most critical factors in preventing further hair loss, which is why this test is revolutionary. Preventing hair loss is far more attainable than reversing its effects. While effective treatments to combat female pattern hair loss are available, early intervention is critical successful treatment.

Dr. Sharon Keene, who is the Chief Medical Officer for HairDX says, “Helping women assess their risk for Female Hair Loss early in the course of their hair loss enables them to learn about potential treatment options and how they may prevent further hair loss.”

Visit the HairDX website at to learn more about the test and to order a swab kit. The test costs $149.

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