Another Satisfied Hair Club Client

by Staff Writer

I’d like to share my experience with The Hair Club so that no one else has to go through what I have.

At the age of 24, my girlfriend at the time told me that she needed to talk to me about something important. She asked me to sit down and she proceeded to tell me that she thinks that I’m going bald and asked me what I planned on doing about it. Nice huh? Well, to make a long brutal story short, and after I kicked that @i #!* to the curb I did what most men probably do who are concerned with their hair loss, I went the The Hair Club.

I mean these are the guys that I grew up seeing on TV everyday. It seemed like the thing to do if you had a problem with hair loss and was interested in hair replacement. After my consultation I was so excited to get my hair back and my life back. The lady I had the consultation with told me that it’s a completely natural process and that my new hair would be even better and more manageable then the hair that I lost. WOW!

When my “custom hair system” was ready I was contacted to come to have the “procedure” done. Even after I signed some papers that would keep me paying hundreds of dollars a month for hair and maintenance I still did not know exactly how my hair was going to be replaced. Well I soon found out and to my utter shock and horror I was now the a proud owner of one of the worse toupees I had ever seen.

As soon at it was attached to my head I asked them to take it off. They kept trying to convince me that that it would take time for me to get used to having all of my hair back, and that it looked completely natural.

First let me say that I did not “get MY hair back.” The hair that I had on my head was definitely somebody else’s. God knows where they got it or if it was even real hair. Second, it was not my imagination, it looked like a beaver pelt on my head. The color was reddish and the hair line was like a dolls head. I could not believe what was happening to me!

After really making a stink, the manager came in and told me that because I signed a contract I was obligated to keep up my end of the bargain and that I might as well try to get used to my new hair. I told her that I did not want this thing on my head and she told me to stop being so neurotic about things and that I should be happy that I am no longer bald. Can you believe that?

The night of my “procedure” I was having dinner at my parents house. I decided to go home with my new hair to see if anyone would say anything. I rang the front bell and my little brother answered the door. After we greeted each other, with a straight face he said “nice rug” and then fell on the floor laughing uncontrollably . Brother’s can be cruel, but I got the picture. It wasn’t me who was crazy it was the folks at The Hair Club.

You can imagine how the rest of my night went. My poor mother was trying to be so nice when she told me that “we love you the way God made you” and that perhaps I should just try shaving my head if it bothers me so much “all the kids are doing it.”

The end result is that I went in the next day to to have the darn thing removed, and once again to my utter shock, I had a new problem. Now the little hair that I did have left was cut so sort on top that I looked like a complete idiot without the wig.

I just buzzed my hair short and went with it. I had to contact my credit card company to have the contract disputed. Today I am taking Propecia with very good results.

I hope my story helps others who are considering going to The Hair Club. It’s a big scam! I’ve read many other stories similar to mine on the internet.

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Rell October 22, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Damm I went there they tried to get me to do that bio matrix but my hair isnt even that thin im only 22 but to make a long story short I read online everyone complaints u was better off payin for an actual hair transplant…. So I warn everyone stay away from hcm

JUDY December 12, 2010 at 8:32 pm


Tammie February 27, 2011 at 1:31 am

Yes, yes yes! I wish that I would have researched this ” HAIR CLUB”crap! OMG I am so unhappy and pissed off, I am going through the same thing! Im 32yo and when I went into the office I had great expectations b/c of the commercials. I arrived at the Columbia Md office with a head of hair just with only a few thinning spots at that time I could still wear my own/real hair and now 5 months later Im upset beyond my description and I have almost no hair of my own left on my head! I was promised 1 thing and received another. I was told that “IT” would not fall off or come off and that this is medical grade adhesive and that I can excercise swim do all that I’d do with my own hair but better! BS! I am looking for a lawyer so that I can sue these Hair Club scam company asap! I cant even comb any of my own hair it’s so tangled and knotted up that Im going to hair cuttery to get the remaining hair (short and bushy) cut all the way down just like a mans cut or military buzz cut bad thing is to add to this HOT MESS I now have Bald spots so eventhough Im getting it cut I still cant wear it, I look like a cancer patient going through chemo treatments!
Im on meds to help with depression and nerves because of this craziness!
I just cant believe Im paying 3,200 for a lace wig piece, that doesn’t even stay on my head!, OMG!!!! I could have just gone to a local beauty supply and got a wig as low as 25.00-200, and It would not even hurt or damaged my hair!

D Grimesn April 12, 2011 at 4:24 am

Well i wish i would have seen this before i went to hair club! I purchased a wig from them for 2600.00 and im allergic to the glue they use to apply it and they told me too bad when they had a rep tell me if i was not satisfied i could have a 100 % refund back what a crock! please be careful when going there better yet dont waste your time. although the hair looked fine in my case they will say anything to get your money keep your money please. I have been bald for 15 yrs and they took advantage of me shame on them

Z Ed October 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm

I agree with all of you. I just talked to the consultant yesterday just to see what this company has to offer. My hair has been thinning for the past 5 years and I have no bald spots or anything. This lady kept telling me that I’ll go bald soon if I don’t do anything about it and I should sign up and kept scaring the hell out of me. She kept telling me information about hair and how it is lost and 80% of what she told me was false information (I know because I am a med school student). Funny right? I cut her off at some point and told her that I’m going to leave because I have to consult my parents. The woman kept dragging me to sit down and tried to convince me to sign up and that she’ll help me make a loan if it’s about the money. This company is a big scam. I could tell just by the way she was telling me false information about hair biology and the way she kept dragging me to stay and listen to what she has to offer. I just came to this site to confirm my opinion and it did. Hopefully, this can help others not to sign up for this Hair Club scam company.

Z Macissac October 15, 2011 at 6:46 am

I share all your frustration with you. I just had a meeting with them, it sounded great so I signed a contract and 3500 up front…..Thought it over and called them back the same day and said I want to cancel the agreement and I want my refund as I am entitled to within the first 3 buisness days. Well its been two days now and no one will give a straight answer…I was told I have to sign a release agreement and I said I would be in on the 3rd buisness day to sign this….The girl said no to me….said I could come in next week and sign it…they are trying to scam me because they know if you dont sign the release agreement within the 3 buisness days, you are locked in with them….Dont fall for there scam…..I learned my lesson here and I just hope I can get the release signed before the 3day mark is over, otherwise I guess I will be going to court with them.

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