Hair Loss Radio Show Hits Home Run In Cyberspace

by Staff Writer

The impact of the global consumption of digital entertainment and information has forever changed the human fabric of our world.

Social networking is no longer simply about making friends online. Sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube have become platforms for consumers to find unique entertainment and information resources.

The latest trend in social networking sites is the Live Video Social Network. Part YouTube, part Myspace, the idea behind these sites is to provide their users with social networking on a flash based media site. These sites emphasize live streaming of unique content.

The popularity of programming on these sites is based solely on the discretion of the site users. Social networkers have the choice to tune into thousands of live streams at any given time and to make their choices with a simple click of the mouse.

On Sunday November 25th, The Bald Truth Radio program, the official broadcast of The American Hair Loss Association, broke new ground for hair loss sufferers by becoming one of’s most popular daily broadcasts. Topping out at 22,931 viewers during the show’s two hour live videocast, The Bald Truth resonated with young hair loss sufferers across the globe.

The Bald Truth airs from CBS Radio in Los Angeles and is considered the country’s foremost weekly on-air support group. The program provides hair loss sufferers with a safe place to learn about effective hair loss products and treatments, hair transplant surgery, and to openly share their thoughts, humor, hope and strength with others struggling with this silent epidemic.

How hair loss affects the lives of those it afflicts is rarely discussed openly in our society. Providing listeners and viewers with a safe place to learn and to share their experiences is what The Bald Truth has always been about. It’s no wonder the young world of social networking has embraced it.

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Paul December 2, 2007 at 12:29 am

I first heard The Bald Truth on WNEW radio here in New York years ago. I’ve been a huge fan ever since. This might sound corny, but the show really helped me in my life. I actually watched the show last week. It’s good to see that Spencer is still holding on to his hair. All kidding aside, The Bald Truth is a great show and I can see why it has done so well over the years. It helps people.

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