Spencer Kobren Speaks Candidly About Hair Loss And The Hair Loss Industry

by Spencer Kobren

The American Hair Loss Association blog was created to help further empower hair loss sufferers with up to the minute hair loss information, commentary, and critique of everything and anything hair loss. As the founder of the AHLA I also think it’s important that I share my personal thoughts with everyone seeking help from our organization. This is why I’ve decided to begin making personal entries on the AHLA blog.

What I will provide is the truth about this neglected epidemic, and about an industry that, in my opinion, has mislead, taken advantage of , and in many cases disfigured vulnerable hair loss sufferers for decades.

The American Hair Loss Association has effected real change over the years but the truth is that we have only scratched the surface. We are competing with a $3.5 billion industry that thrives on the ignorance and naiveté of desperate people in need. The lack of control we experience as hair loss sufferers only fuels our desperation to find a “solution” to our problem. We are anxious to feel whole again so we will try anything, buy anything, or subscribe to anything if presented as a real solution that might end our pain.

There are some hair loss sufferers who are better equipped to deal with their hair loss than many of us are..I wish I was one of them. For me beginning my hair loss journey at the age of 22 took a major toll. However what I have leaned over the years as a result of my early onset Male Pattern Baldness has made me a better and stronger person and has given me the opportunity to touch many lives, and for this I am thankful.

I just want all of you to know that you are not alone in this. The AHLA was founded to provide a safe place for hair loss sufferers to find completely objective and accurate information about all things hair loss and the hair loss industry.

I’ll be posting an a regular basis so stay tuned…

Spencer Kobren

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