Interested In Non Surgical Hair Replacement, Is It Undetectable?

by Staff Writer

Dear American Hair Loss Association,

I’ve been experiencing hair loss now for the past 5 years. Now I am at the point that I want something done about it. I am not really into the surgical hair transplant procedure (I heard it takes time for the new hair to take hold). I am really interested in non surgical hair replacement. I heard once it’s there it’s always there, and that non surgical hair replacement has come a long way and is now using natural hair from people in Japan and China. Most importantly I hear that it is also undetectable. I would honestly put myself in 3v-4 of hair loss. Is there a way I can get information? Thank-you.


Dear Robert,

Since you’ve been experiencing hair loss for only five years you are most likely in a good position to give medical treatment a try in an attempt to further stop the progression of your hair loss, and to perhaps regrow some of your hair. We suggest that you speak with your physician about getting a prescription for Propecia, as well as to make sure that you are indeed suffering with common male pattern baldness.

As far a non-surgical hair replacement, what you have heard seems to be incorrect. Non-surgical hair replacement for men basically consists of attaching a hair piece or hair prosthetic to the scalp using a bonding solution which is basically glue. This type of replacement can look extremely natural if matched and maintained properly, but it is not permanent and must be removed periodically both for hygienic purposes as well as for maintenance of the hair and the base of the unit.

Remember a hair piece is a hair piece is a hair piece. All companies basically sell the same products, so do your homework before purchasing a hair system. We recommend that you avoid companies that make you join a “club” and sign a long term maintenance contract. You can read more about non-surgical hair replacement on the AHLA site.

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