Medical Breakthrough: DNA Testing for Hair Loss

by Staff Writer

A new DNA test can help determine the likelihood for future hair loss. According to a recent article at the Chicago Sun-Times, the test can help hair loss sufferers get a handle on hair loss before it begins:

The test, called HairDX, looks for a genetic variant found in most bald men. Men who test positive for the variant have a 60 percent chance of going bald by age 40, according to the company that offers it, also called HairDX, which says the test also identifies a less-common variant of the same gene that, if present, means a man has an 85 percent chance of not going bald.

While science is still in the early stages of understanding hair loss genes, HairDX is offering the first test that identifies a gene called the androgen receptor. This gene has been closely associated with hair loss and may be a predetermining factor in assessing the likelihood for hair loss.

Even though the test is not 100 percent conclusive, it can be helpful in terms of prevention. One of the key components in minimizing hair loss is early treatment. Individuals who are concerned about possible hair loss can use the test results to start making decisions and working with a certified physician to determine an effective course of treatment. Because prevention is proven to be more successful that trying to regrow hair, early detection is significant and beneficial for treating hair loss.

HairDx’s genetic test is approved by The American Hair Loss Association. Spencer Kobren, Founder of The American Hair Loss Association says, “HairDX’s genetic test for the onset of early male pattern baldness is an important breakthrough in the fight against hair loss.”

The test, which is available online at, costs $149. Individuals who sign up for the test will take a swab from inside the cheek and send to the HairDX lab. Results will be returned in just three to four weeks.

You can read the full Chicago Sun-Times article at the following URL:,CST-NWS-bald01.article

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