The Bald Truth’s New Website

by Staff Writer

Many of you already know that Spencer Kobren, American Hair Loss Association Founder, also runs a weekly radio program called The Bald Truth. Recently, The Bald Truth’s website got a thorough makeover including plenty of fresh features and a slick new interface design.

While the images and color scheme largely remain the same, the new site is streamlined for better usability. The easy navigation bar near the top of the site directs you to the various sections within, where you can learn about the show and its host, watch video clips, access resources, and get in touch with the folks behind the red curtain.

The site now features articles on hair loss that are targeted toward the Maxim crowd. Recent titles include “Hair Loss and Culture – Debunking the Stereotypes” and “Emotional Self Defense – How Hair Loss Sufferers Can Ward Off Verbal Attacks.”

The site also welcomes and publishes letters from listeners and shines a spotlight on “Hair Loss in Hollywood.” Get involved by sending in a letter about your own experiences with hair loss and find out how hair loss impacts the Hollywood crowd.

Another section contains featured segments from The Bald Truth broadcasts. So, if the show isn’t syndicated in your geographic area, you can still listen to many episodes. The segments play directly inside your web browser, so you don’t have to download or wait for large audio files. Just click the play button and turn up the volume on your speakers!

Best of all, by simply entering your email address in the subscription box, you’ll get regular articles and updates sent directly to your inbox!

Anyone suffering from hair loss will be sure to appreciate The Bald Truth’s renovated site and all it has to offer. With regular article publication and show production, the site is sure to expand into an exciting resource packed with information presented in a clear and entertaining way.

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