Phony Blogs Promote Questionable Hair Loss Products

by Staff Writer

We all know just how treacherous the internet can be when researching hair loss products and services. Unsuspecting hair loss sufferers have enough trouble trying to navigate through the incredible maze of misinformation presented by hair loss marketers who promote their bogus products and services as “miracle breakthroughs.” Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, in walks “Balding Tony.” We’re not sure if this guy actually exists, but we can tell you that in our opinion his blog is nothing more than an pathetic attempt to mislead the hair loss consumer into thinking that the questionable product Provillus is some sort of miracle hair growth product.

In his blog “Balding Tony” writes that he has tried just about every hair loss product available including the ONLY two FDA approved products Minoxidil and Propecia. Tony complains about Propecia’s sexual side effects, which actually occur in less than 2% of those who used the drug during clinical trials. He also claimed that Minoxidi was too difficult and messy to use…it just didn’t fit into his lifestyle he writes. We found that funny since the only clinically proven ingredient in Provillus is minoxidil and in order for the Provillus product to work it has to be applied to the scalp exactly like all minoxidil based products.

Balding Tony might be fooling some of the more vulnerable, unsuspecting hair loss consumers online, but he’s certainly not fooling us. Provillus is nothing more than an overpriced dietary supplement along with repackaged generic minoxidil and azelaic acid.

Remember this rule of thumb, no matter what “Balding Tony” says, there are only two products proven to stop the progression of hair loss and to regrow hair, minoxidil and propecia. If an advertised product is not approved by the FDA or does not carry the AHLA certification seal, do not waist your time or money on it…sorry Tony.

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