Surgical Hair Restoration: What to Look for in Treatment and Hair Transplant Surgeons

by Staff Writer

If you’re thinking about having surgical hair restoration, you’ll want to get to know your doctor and learn everything you can about the type of treatment you’ve chosen. The procedure is a serious one and if not performed properly it can have damaging effects both physically and psychologically.

Consultation with the Hair Transplant Surgeon

If the doctor who will be performing the procedure can’t or won’t speak with you before the transplantation, then look for someone else. One of the most important steps in any surgery is speaking with the same surgeon who will be doing the procedure beforehand. It will provide you with an opportunity to ask specific questions and also help your comfort level knowing that you’ve met the person who will perform the operation.

Questions about the Procedure

Before your consultation with the surgeon, make sure you prepare a list of questions. You may get nervous or overwhelmed once you’re in the doctor’s office, and having a written list on hand will be extremely helpful. Your doctor will also know that you take your health and the procedure seriously because you’re approaching it with a level of forethought that resembles professionalism.

Formulate Questions Through Careful Research

You’ll have plenty of questions about your surgery. Make sure you understand every aspect of the procedure. One of the most valuable resources in conducting research is The American Hair Loss Association, where you’ll find plenty of articles about hair loss and transplant surgeries. Visit The American Hair Loss Association at

Another invaluable resource is The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons web site. The site features a blog at the IAHRS Information Center, which is packed with news, information, and other details about hair restoration surgery and hair loss.

A Few Final Tips

When you do meet with your doctor for a consultation prior to having your transplant procedure, ask for the following:

  • Ask to see at least 10 before and after photos of other hair restoration surgeries the doctor has performed and make sure that the before and after shots are taken at the same angle, with the same lighting, and feature the same subject.
  • Ask for references. The doctor should be able to provide you with several contacts, patients that the doctor has treated in the past.
  • Ask if hair transplant surgery is an area in which the doctor specializes. Is that the focus of the doctor’s practice? If not, then what percentage of procedures involve hair loss and restoration?

Find out more about what you should look for in hair restoration surgery at the following link:

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