The Truth About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Techniques: Tips and Facts

by Staff Writer

We’ve all heard horror stories about bad hairpieces and worse toupees. In comedy, these have been the butt of many jokes, but hair loss sufferers are not laughing. Non-surgical hair replacement is a serious matter, especially for people who are considering it. People who are dealing with alopecia must be careful because the hair loss industry is fraught with cheap gimmicky products as well as companies and so-called professionals who are more than happy to take advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers. Whenever you are looking at a solution for hair loss, you must move forward with care and caution. Non-surgical hair replacement, such as hairpieces, are no exception.

Non-surgical hair replacement can be a wonderful alternative for people who want to have a fuller head of hair without surgery. However, most consumers don’t know what to look for or what to watch out for when shopping for a hairpiece. The vast majority of consumers who purchase non-surgical hair replacement are unhappy with the products they’re stuck with. Plus, there’s a lot that the hair clubs won’t tell you.


•    Try the mom and pop salons. They have compassion for their customers and great customer service.
•    Be prepared to buy two units so that you can wear one while the other is being maintained.
•    Do not let a hair replacement company keep your second hairpiece. It’s yours, you get to take it home.
•    Avoid anyone who tries to sell you a maintenance contract. You should be able to take your hairpiece anywhere you want for maintenance.


•    The stylist will probably shave off a good portion of your hair in order to affix the hairpiece.
•    Bonded systems will not stay firmly attached for 4-6 weeks.
•    These systems need constant maintenance and you will have to learn to do some of the maintenance yourself.
•    Cost of maintenance ranges from $60 to $300 per month.

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