Landmark Poll Links The Pill to Women’s Hair Loss

by Staff Writer

womenshairlossprojectbdge2.gifThe life altering affects of hair loss is no secret to those it afflicts. While 2/3rds of men suffer with hair loss by or before the age of thirty-five, forty percent of hair loss sufferers are women. That’s right, women.

The truth is that hair loss in woman is on the rise, and it’s striking earlier in life than ever before in our history.

There are approximately 40 million women in the US who suffer with some form of hair loss with the vast majority suffering with androgenetic alopecia ( female pattern hair loss).

Under normal conditions even women with the genetic predisposition for female pattern hair loss, will usually be affected later in life. However, any change in a woman’s delicate hormonal balance can trigger the early onset of this devastating genetic condition.

There is no doubt that the early onset of female pattern hair loss coincides with the use of oral contraceptives, and for those women with a strong genetic predisposition the consequences of taking the Pill can be devastating

A landmark poll of 517 woman suffering with hair loss, conducted by The Women’s Hair Loss Project, reaffirms the scientific studies linking hair loss to the use of birth control pills.

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