Women and Hair Loss – Finding Support Online

by Staff Writer

Hair loss is usually seen as an condition particular to men despite the fact that forty percent of hair loss sufferers in America are women. While men struggle with the effects of hair loss, women find it devastating and experience greater psychological damage due to the pressures on women to maintain their youth and beauty. With very little help from the medical community, women face a unique set of problems in terms of coping with hair loss.

Cultural Pressure

Every day the pressure for women to look fabulous increases. TV commercials, magazine ads, and billboards show airbrushed women who look gorgeous. They are thin, have flawless skin, and lush locks. Articles and entire magazines as well as television shows are dedicated to the art of looking beautiful. The message from American media is that women must look absolutely stunning every minute of the day. This sets most women up for failure, and leaves hair loss sufferers feeling lost and alone.

Psychological Damage

The psychological damage that hair loss can wreak on women is astounding. In a world where there is plenty of information on weight loss and coping with skin problems and aging, hair loss often goes unrecognized as a major issue for women and women who suffer from it are left to fend for themselves. Feeling unattractive can lead to a sense of inadequacy and loneliness. Worst of all, the damaging effects on the psyche can take a physical toll, leading to eating problems, high levels of stress, and other mental and emotional issues.

The Medical Community

The medical community does not treat hair loss as a serious disease because it’s not seen as life threatening. Women’s hair loss, compared to men’s, is practically nonexistent in the health care industry. Until the effects of hair loss have had a detrimental effect on a woman’s psychological health, it’s unlikely that her health care professional will offer much help or support.

Women’s Hair Loss Project

The Women’s Hair Loss Project is a web site where women can gather, share their stories, and support each other through the trying effects of hair loss. There are also plenty of resources for female hair loss sufferers to explore. Please visit at www.womenshairlossproject.com

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