Women’s Hair Loss: From Stress to Placebo Treatment

by Staff Writer

In a recent article, the Kalamazoo Gazette reported the story of Sheree Kleinhuizen, who was experiencing significant hair loss and growing concerned over the amount of hair that she was losing on a daily basis.

Sheree collected the hair in plastic baggies and brought them to her doctor, but she was told that her hair loss was caused by stress and would cease in a few months’ time. When her hair loss did not abate, Sheree went to see a hair care professional, who sold her a “medicated” hair loss product called Therapro.

Although the lost hair did not grow back, Sheree did stop experiencing any further hair loss. However, it is unclear whether her use of Therapro truly affected Sheree’s hair loss in any way.

Spencer Kobren, founder of the American Hair Loss Association, doubts that Therapro is a valid treatment:

“There is nothing in those products that can stop hair loss or will regrow hair,” said Kobren, whose own hair-loss concerns led him to start the organization. “There is definitely a placebo effect, and it can be coincidental.”

Jennifer Williford, who works as a physician’s assistant at Southwest Michigan Dermatology, supports the notion that Therapro may have had a placebo effect for Sheree. Although Williford wasn’t familiar with Therapro, she explained that patients often mention products that supposedly stop or reverse hair loss. Many such products are based on herbal remedies.
There is a good chance that Sheree Kleinhuizen’s hair loss ceased due to a placebo effect of the product she was sold. It’s also possible that her hair loss was truly stress related and when her stress eased, so did her hair loss.
The only FDA-approved hair loss products for treating hereditary hair loss are Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is an external treatment used by both men and women. Propecia, which is a pill, is only approved for use by men.

Spencer Kobren also noted that hair loss is a $3.5 billion industry and that “Ninety-nine percent of products and services that claim to help with hair loss (or) prevention are bogus, questionable at best.”
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charmaine May 30, 2011 at 1:01 pm

i am 32yrs and i lost all my hair at the age of four to alopecia universalis.i have been told by some doctors that my hair will never grow back and theres no point in trying any treatments but then ive had other doctors tell me if i try this and that it might just grow back.its been a living hell living with this condition all these years not knowing if anything can be done about it.there are so many different treatments i could try but i dont have the funds to keep trying all of them to find out what one really works or not.i would be so grateful if i could get some help as all the doctors ive seen have been no help.thanks

Eric c. August 21, 2011 at 10:39 am

You know charmaine, the latest research in quantum physics portrays our genes to be read-write- instead of the old fashion belief of read only. They say we write our own genes through our beliefs. I know that genes dont have anything to do with your condition but simple and abstract beliefs do. Quantum Physics describes this as the Plecebo Effect. Our minds are much more capable than we ever could have imagined and an incurable condition as such you endure, only means cureable from within. As far as Genes go, they say men loose their hair because others around them portrayed those beliefs through an electro magnetic field produced by the heart which can affect our objective reality. The belief of others and themselves caused those Genes to be written, as they were not originaly defined at birth.

With the simple belief that you can be cured through your imagination and your mind along with the help of others, (me) I strongly believe with all of my heart that you can and probably will after you read this, be fine. Also, just to give you a clue, our (hearts) are much more powerful than we could have ever imagined. And all of that will be completely delinated within the next couple of years. – Quantum Phenomena

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