Online Support for Women with Hair Loss

by Staff Writer

As devastating as it is for a man to begin losing his hair, for whatever reason, society accepts male pattern baldness as one of life’s, not so pleasant, bumps in the road. For what it’s worth, men have been granted society’s approval to go bald with dignity.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the more than 40 million women in this country who suffer with hair loss.

Hair loss effects one out of every four women by the age of thirty-five and more than fifty percent of women by the age of fifty. Forty percent our nation’s hair hair loss sufferers are women, yet this silent epidemic is all but ignored by mainstream medicine, the media and by society as a whole.

Women dealing with the emotional devastation of hair loss are forced to suffer in silence, due in part to the uncomfortable nature of this misunderstood condition. Female hair loss sufferers often feel isolated, and their fear of being exposed often keeps them from seeking effective treatment.

The Women’s Hair Loss Project was the creation of one courageous young woman. Her idea was simple…to chronicle her life as a hair loss sufferer and to provide women from around the world with a safe place to share, to vent, to learn an to inspire others dealing with this neglected epidemic. is the most powerful, inspirational and informative women’s hair loss website on the world wide web and the only women’s hair loss site endorsed by The American Hair Loss Association.

The American Hair Loss Association strongly encourages women suffering with hair loss to empower themselves with the incredible wealth of knowledge strength and hope that The Women’s’ Hair Loss Project provides.

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