Hair Transplant Bait and Switch

by Staff Writer

Dear AHLA,
I was researching my hair replacement options and stumbled across a website that promoted scarless hair transplants. When I went in for a consultation the salesperson told me that I was not a candidate for the scarless operation and suggested that I have a traditional hair transplant. Is this a common bait and switch technique or did I go to the wrong company?

This is actually becoming a very common scenario. Many of the unethical clinics will do anything to get vulnerable hair loss sufferers in the door only to tell them that even though they are not candidates for the advertised hair transplant procedure, they can still be “helped” by a more invasion operation and in some cases a more expensive procedure.

Be very wary of these charlatans. Before considering surgical hair restoration make sure you do your home work. Contact The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons for advice.
The IAHRS is a consumer organization comprised of the most skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons on the field and the only surgeons recommended by the AHLA.

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