Why Does a Hair Transplant Cost What It Costs and Why?

by John Frank, MD

Unlike a cosmetic product, object of clothing or an excursion, the service somebody receives from a hair transplant gives lifelong, permanent results. So, first of all the cost required could, and should be thought of as a long term investment. Since you are looking for something “cheap”, then that would be my advice to reconcile the costs.

Secondly, if you’re concerned that you’ll somehow be overcharged, then I suggest that you stick with a reputable doctor in the US who has good references. There should be a onetime charge for the procedure and you shouldn’t be obligated to pay for any ancillary products or follow –up appointments. Some doctors may appropriately charge for the initial consultation.

You’re advised to do some shopping around, and once you have a sense for the fair market price in your area, then make a decision. At this point, if your budget does not allow for a full priced procedure, then you’re smart to save the money until you can afford it. No decent hair doctor wants to give you a discount, and if you force his hand, then you’re truly risking “cheap” results.

Because, if you’re looking for something “cheap”, then you may just find that. Remember, you’re talking about your appearance and your health. By the way of analogy, if you want a cheap car, then try to find one with 200,000 miles or higher. You understand the risks that it will breakdown, and you’ll either be left stranded or forced to pay repair costs. That is the risk you are taking with a car. With a hair transplant, you’re risking having a permanent, unsightly result. Or even worse, you may have an uncomfortable or procedure which is risky to your health. I’m sure you’ll be able to find that type of work-like any industry it is out there available for bargain shoppers. I understand some people don’t really place a high value on themselves and continue bargain hunting when it comes to plastic surgery. This mentality implies shortcuts and low quality and when it comes to hair transplant or any other type of plastic or cosmetic surgery, this type of thinking should be avoided by both the consumer and physician.

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