A Hair Transplant for a Woman is Not The Same as A Hair Transplant for a Man.

by Staff Writer

Since 40% of the worlds hair loss sufferers are women, the hair loss industry sees tremendous potential to increase its market share by targeting this extremely vulnerable demographic.

Not only are unscrupulous hair loss treatment marketers taking advantage of these women in an attempt to sell their bogus products, the large chain hair transplant clinics are now heavily marketing surgical hair restoration to women as well.

It’s important for all women to understand that most of you are NOT candidates for a hair transplant. As a matter of fact, less than 5% of all woman who suffer with common forms of hair loss like, female pattern hair loss or traction alopecia make suitable candidates.

Recently, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons’ accepted member Dr. Robert Bernstein answered a far too common question from a female hair transplant recipient.

If you’re a woman considering having a hair transplant you can’t afford not to read this article.

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