Acceptance and Attitude of the Bald, Bold, and Beautiful – Find Your Inner Glow

by Staff Writer

You’ve heard the old adage that beauty comes from within. With all the images being thrown at us by the media, and the many products on the market designed to make us look and feel more beautiful than ever, there is a growing and constant pressure to look great all the time. However, it’s almost impossible for regular people to live up to the images that are constantly being thrown out to the public as the standard for looking good. Coping with hair loss only adds to the stress because it’s just one more thing to worry about. So, how true is that old adage about beauty starting on the inside?

Have you ever observed an attractive celebrity but then wondered, where’s the attraction? That celeb isn’t especially good looking – on the outside. Sure, a lot of stars are boaster outer beauty, but there are many that upon scrutiny don’t quite hold up to the supermodel images we see on billboards and in magazine ads. Conversely, you may have noticed that some very pretty faces come with a negative vibe. Good looks can’t cover up a mean spirit, a bad attitude, or absence of self-confidence.

With all the pressures that society lays on us to look beautiful, hair loss sufferers often find that those pressures take on a whole new meaning. There are extra difficulties because hair loss is rarely discussed in the media whereas other issues such as weight are talked about with great frequency. This means that individuals who are dealing with hair loss must work a little harder to maintain self-confidence, which is the great secret to feeling and looking fabulous.

Whether you wear a hairpiece, a wig, or have gone through hair transplant surgery, or even if you choose to go about bald, bold, and beautiful, your true beauty is not going to come from your face or how much hair you have on your head. It’s going to come from your heart, your inner glow. So spend as much time knowing yourself inside as you do scrutinizing the way you look on the outside, because looking great starts with feeling good.

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